When is the St. Aloysius season?

Youth basketball is traditionally a winter sport as such the "regular" St. Al's season is in winter.  In the league that we play in, games start around Thanksgiving weekend with playoffs ending in March.

In the summer of 2018, St. Aloysius fielded 2 summer teams.  These shortened seasons ran from late June through the end of July.

How often do the teams practice?

Generally 2 practices per week starting in November leading up to the start of the regular season on Thanksgiving weekend.  Practices are either 1 to 1.5 hours each depending on the team, coach and/or gym availability.

All or most practices will be during the week.

Once the regular season starts practices are generally 1 to 2 times per week again depending on the team.

Is it possible for my child to play on another basketball team and CYO simultaneously?

Absolutely!  It is quite common for athletes to play on another team during the winter season.  In past years we have had players that have played for Recreation, Wayne PAL, Trinity Academy, and even their local town travel team.

However as per a new 2018 rule from the Archdiocese of Newark, no Trinity Academy student can play on a St. Aloysius CYO team if there is a spot available on the Trinity Academy school team for their grade.  If there is no Trinity team at the grade level for that year then the student can play CYO.

St. Aloysius CYO games are played only on the weekends which traditionally have meant minimal game conflicts with local travel teams as many of their games are during the week.

It doesn't mean that there will not be any conflicts however and expectations should be set with BOTH team's coaches before you commit to play CYO.  Many of St. Aloysius CYO coaches also coach other teams in other leagues as well.  If you have concerns please reach out to us at [email protected].

Does my child have to tryout to make the team?

The Union County CYO league which St. Aloysius is blessed to play in allows for multiple teams in each division from the same parish.  Additionally each division has between 2 to 4 levels of play (from very competitive to developmental).

If we receive an abundance of applicants for a given division, St. Aloysius CYO will create additional teams.  In that scenario we may choose to field a more advanced team alongside a more developing one.

If your child can commit to work hard, come to practice and be coachable...we will find a spot for them!

How much playing time can my child expect?

St. Aloysius CYO strives to provide as much playing time as possible for all committed players on each respective team.  However we play in a competitive league against other Catholic parishes and the playing time in some games may not always be divided equally among the Student-Athletes.

The following MINIMUM playtime guidelines apply for each division:

Rookie (2nd Grade):  Equal playing time for all players

Peewee (3rd and 4th Grade):  Equal playing time for all players for the first 3 quarters.

Junior Varsity (5th and 6th Grade):  Equal playing time for all players for the first 2 quarters

Varsity White, Black, & Blue (7th and 8th Grade):  Equal playing time for all players for the first 2 quarters

Varsity Red (7th and 8th Grade): 8 Minutes total, at least 4 minutes in the 1st half

High School:  8 Minutes total, at least 4 minutes in the 1st half